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Monomarine We are the Best in Premium Supply Services.

Ships and maritime transport play a vital role in the world economy, accounting for 90% of the world's commercial transport. As the MONO MARINE family, we experience the satisfaction and happiness of taking part in this sector with the quality service we provide with our experienced staff in the field of service and spare parts.

It has achieved great success in the sector in a short time by being solution-oriented since its establishment. It continues to expand its networks in the sector day by day with its principle of working according to needs, regardless of domestic or international.

Our company, which primarily considers customer satisfaction, has managed to become a reference in the sector with its disciplined and devoted working style. It has gradually expanded its customer portfolio in parallel with its interest and reliability in the pre- and post-service processes with its customers.

Best Solution
The Key to Safety and Performance at Sea with TECHNOTON and GENTEK.

By demonstrating its innovative spirit, it aims to expand into different markets by acting as the distributor of TECHNOTON abroad and GENTEK companies in the marine sector in the country.


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