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Oil Discharge Monitoring System

Oil Discharge Monitoring and Control Systems (ODME) is an important system used on ships and other marine vessels to prevent the release of polluting hydrocarbons into the sea and to protect the marine environment. These systems are designed to ensure that ship waste is appropriately treated and treated before being discharged into the sea. It is also used to comply with international and local marine environmental regulations and contribute to environmentally friendly maritime transport.

The ODME system consists of a series of sensors and measuring devices that continuously monitor the hydrocarbon concentration of the liquid the ship will discharge. The system purifies the ship's dirty water and determines the amount of oil and hydrocarbons in the water. Thus, the quality of the water to be discharged into the sea is controlled and ensured that it is below appropriate limit values. If a concentration above the limit values ​​is detected, the system can automatically stop the discharge process or warn ship personnel.

As a result, Oil Discharge Monitoring and Control Systems (ODME) is a system of vital importance for environmental protection and prevention of marine pollution in maritime transportation. These systems are used to protect the marine environment and minimize pollution that harms the marine ecosystem by controlling ships' discharge of waste into the sea. ODME systems contribute to environmentally friendly maritime transport, helping to create a sustainable and safe maritime industry.


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